Since everything floral designers create, all start with a vision. This is why I called my company Kijk Op Stijl (Watch for style). I believe it’s important that this all comes back in my way of work. To look, to watch… It’s the most important sense for me. Love to Watch everything what inspire and work this out to a floral object, project or space.

This is where it starts and ends.

As a freelance floral designer I have the privilege to work with the best and for the best companies. My providers are companies in the event trade, trade shows, floral shows, bridal events, funeral decorations, concept-development, art, (hotel) styling and retail. Some projects are quite complicated and also an extreme challenge, others are more down to earth and each flower speaks for them selve.

I have worked and lived abroad for 8 years in places like Oslo, London, Dubai and Beiruth. I have participated in several projects, skills, shows, traineeships in almost 40 countries worldwide; From China to the USA, and from Russia to South Korea. This way I have experienced all parts of the floral industry. Lucky me.

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Have a look and keep watching 😉